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Buses from Austin Bergstrom International Airport with Bus Routes and Times

Upon arrival at Austin Bergstrom International Airport, passengers will pick up their belongings at the Baggage Claim area on the ground level of the terminal building.

The airport provides several ground transportation services to passengers, including rental cars, taxis, rideshares, hotel shuttle services, and buses.

The MetroRail Station in downtown Austin is 15 kilometers away from the airport.

Capital Metro Public Buses

MetroRail passengers can take the Capital Metro Airport Bus to downtown Austin outside the Baggage Claim area. It runs every 15 minutes and takes up to 35 minutes at $1.75. At the Downtown Station, they can switch to MetroRail.

By Route 20, passengers can move between Austin Airport and downtown Austin 24 hours a day, in either direction.

Capital Metro Bus 20 stops at the Neon Guitar Bus Stop, which is located outside the ground level of the airport.

Route 20 (Manor Road/Riverside) starts at the airport, operating every 15 minutes, 7 days a week as part of the High-Frequency Network. It then heads down Riverside Drive before zipping into downtown and serving the University of Texas campus.

It travels on Manor Road near the Mueller neighborhood before turning toward Northeast Austin, where it reaches its destination on Manor near U.S. 183.

Along the way, Route 20 provides easy transfers to a number of other High-Frequency routes that can carry you throughout Austin.

All routes in the High-Frequency Network require a local fare of $1.25 for a single ride, though if you are going to transfer from route to route, a $2.50 Day Pass will cover for the next 24 hours.

The trip to downtown Austin should take about 35 minutes. Discounts apply to qualified passengers.

Please note that some schedules vary according to the day of the week or route direction.

For more information, passengers may call +1 512-474-1200 or visit the local website.

Which Bus services/routes have stops at Austin Airport?

Manor Rd/Riverside

Bus Service Operated By Capital Metro

20-Manor Rd/Riverside NB
20-Manor Rd/Riverside SB

Where are the Bus Stops at Austin Airport?

Bus Stop Name Latitude Longitude View on Map
ABIA Lower Level 30.202744 -97.665653 View
New Airport/Employee 30.212636 -97.66384 View
New Airport/Spirit of Texas 30.212481 -97.663827 View
Map of Bus Stops at Austin Airport